Registration & Breakfast

8:30-9:00 AM
Lobby & Room 142

Please arrive between 8:30-9:00 AM to register, fill out stipend paperwork (if applicable), sign up for workshops, and enjoy breakfast.

Breakfast burritos, fruit, juice.
Coffee provided by Mocha Cafe. 

Opening Speaker:
Ashanti Branch

9:00-10:15 AM
Room 142

In 2004, Ashanti Branch started The Ever Forward Club to provide a support group for African American and Latino males, who were not achieving to the level of their    potential. Since then, The Ever Forward Club has grown to serve both young men and women to graduate and attend college.  Mr. Branch is on a mission to change the way that students interact with their education and the way schools interact with   students.

Ashanti Branch will address issues our students face every day as they maneuver through the world—and how we can be allies during this process.  By exploring “The Mask You Live In”, you will create a stronger connection to the youth you serve. Be prepared to look inward in this powerful keynote that will be interactive and engaging.

Moment of Movement & Break

10:15-10:30 AM
Room 142

Debbie Jelincic
Alameda County Office of Education

Before taking a break, join us for a moment of movement.

West African Dance, Instant Recess – An oldie, but a goodie!  Instant Recess has produced over a dozen 15-minute videos that are good for office dwellers, school staff, and anyone who wants to add a few more moments of movement to their day.


Youth Focus Groups & Goal Getter App

10:30-12:00 PM
Room 142

Alameda County Office of Education and Urban Strategies Council

Get a sneak peak of a new app that has been made specifically for students in R4 schools and learn about the process of involving students and whole schools sites in the development of the app. Also hear directly from students about college and career pathway and other resources at their school.

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12:00-12:30 PM

A choice of Chicken Tikka Wraps, Rosemary Turkey Salad, Seared Tuna Salad, Minted Chickpea Salad or Toasted barley salad.

Box lunches provided by The Town Kitchen

The Town Kitchen is a community-driven food business.  They source, craft and deliver locally-sourced lunch through a community of growers, food makers, chefs and youth.

Session 1 Workshops
12:30-1:20 PM

Alternative Schools & Job Training Model

Matt Norona &
Yvette Arroyo-Agredano,

Room 142

Civicorps provides a unique job training and high school diploma program that serves 18-26 year olds that have previously dropped out of high school. Our program includes wraparound services to address the barriers of our students. We will highlight how our program model has successfully targeted the needs of youth that may not fit a traditional model high school. We will also discuss how various services may be beneficial in order to improve the academic success of system-impacted youth.

Resource Folder:

Momentum Points

Chris Mattson,

Room L-2

Data guru Chris Mattson will provide information about Momentum Points and data reporting to CDE.
If you have what, why, or how questions about Momentum Points, this is your opportunity to ask an expert. Remember, the momentum points and narratives are due June 30th.

Resource Folder:

Studying Social Movements: Engaging Special Needs Students in Academically Rigorous Instruction

Elaine Whitney,
Butler Academy,

Room L-3

Hear from alternative high school and community college practitioners who are partnering to implement bridge programs, concurrent enrollment, and early English and Math assessment for their students. This
session will highlight factors that influence student transitions into college from alternative high schools.

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Session 2 Workshops
1:30-2:20 PM

Introduction to Culinary Training for young Adults

David Gerson,
Loaves & Fishes

Room 142

Loaves and Fishes of Contra Costa has created a 6 week intensive introduction to Culinary Arts Program where students earn basic industry certification, experience working in a commercial kitchen, learn health and safety requirements, learn about food preparation and handling, and are introduced to careers and opportunities in culinary arts.


Resource Folder:

The Industry Sector Occupational Framework (ISOF):

Using Data to Drive program Decisions and Outcomes that Help Clients Succeed

Latoya Reed,
Alameda County Workforce Development Board

Room L-2

ISOF provides analysis of high-growth industries and occupations in Alameda County. It is an easy-to-use and flexible tool that helps service providers assist clients in determining a career path or strengthening an existing career.  The presentation will be centered on the criteria and methods used to design the ISOF and will also highlight high growth industries and occupations in Alameda County. Examples of how current service providers are using the tool to make a difference in their client's lives will also be shared, as well as locating and finding common and free Labor Market Information (LMI).


Resource Folder:

Employability Skills Training

Demetrius Booker,
Pathways for Students

Room L-3

Structured walkthrough of our 8 week online linked-learning training approach to teach students the
general skills necessary for success in the labor market. These skills have a number of names— soft skills, hard skills, job readiness, career readiness — but they all speak to the same set of core skills employers want.



Session 3 Workshops
2:30-3:20 PM

Building Pathways

Elisha Smith-Arrillaga,
Career Ladders Project

George Alonzo,
Oakland Unified School District

Room 142

Building career pathways for students have proven to be harder than expected. Career Ladders Project has been instrumental in providing technical assistance to many CPT 2 partners leading to solid pathways development. Come learn how to build, strengthen, and grow pathways at your site.


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Empowering Educators- An Introduction to Transformative learning

Rona Zollinger,
New Leaf Collaborative

Room L-3

This session will introduce this year's R4 Empowering Educators program. As a member of the cohort or a workshop participant you will explore Transformative Learning ideas and experience holistic education techniques that nurture the best in learning. Throughout the year, you’ll have opportunities to RENEW, REFLECT and RE-ENVISION a transformative environment for our students.

Resource Folder:

Family & Community Engagement

Debbie Jelincic,
Alameda County Office of Education

Room L-2

Our workshop will explore strategies to foster positive relationships with families, leverage community
resources, and strengthen communication with the student’s adult allies outside of school.  We will discuss best practices for creating a welcoming and inclusive environment and tips for sharing relevant and
engaging information about career pathways.

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Feedback and Closing Session

3:30-4:00 PM
Room 142


Feedback links will be provided during the closing session.