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2:45-3:00 PM

Please arrive between 2:45-3:00 PM to register and enjoy healthy snacks.


3:00-3:15 PM

LaShonda Taylor
R4 Director
Alameda County Office of Education


3:15-4:15 PM

Literacy, Advocacy, and Public Service

Kate Casale
Youth Development Specialist
Alameda County Office of Education

This Youth Participatory Action Research course was created from an outline of an approved “A-G” CTE for the Public Service and Public Health pathways to meet the needs of students in the alternate education system. The reading list includes long and short text that are culturally relevant for many different communities. The curriculum is modular so students don’t need to complete the assessment in sequence, while at the same time the assessments are cumulative and academically prepare for an internship in their community.  

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PilotCity Workforce Incubators & ModFab

Derick Lee
Bridget McGraw

Learn more and sign-up to bring work-based experiences to your classroom with our high growth industry employers. Our workforce incubator brings employer project challenges to your classroom in 3D Printing, Lasercutting, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things (IoT) and Robotics that lead to opportunities for employment with our partnering companies. This workforce incubator leads to access to the Modern Fabrication (ModFab) curriculum designed by Alameda County Office of Education, PilotCity and Employer Partners.

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Reading with Relevance

Elana Metz
Brooklyn Williams

Moving Forward Institute

Dig into the fundamentals of social and emotional learning, explore the Reading with Relevance curriculum, and sign up to receive free books and classroom materials for the new school year!  Reading with Relevance improves students’ literacy skills and builds their self-confidence. Students are motivated to read because they relate to the strong, diverse, and resilient characters featured in our selected novels, and because each session gives them the opportunity to connect what they’ve read to their own lives.

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4:15-4:30 PM


4:30-5:30 PM

Open Educational Resources

Tina Silverstein
Tiffany Chenoweth

Alameda County Office of Education

Come explore available and free-to-use digital learning content (“Open Educational Resources”) that you can incorporate into the Distance Ed course you are creating for R4. You will explore the Canvas Commons -a repository of digital learning resources shared by Canvas-using  educators across the country and around the world. You will be shown how to access the Canvas Commons from within the R4 Canvas LMS (Learning Management System)  and be able to experiment with importing digital learning content into a course in Canvas. In addition to locating  digital content you might want to incorporate in your course, the exploration process will expose you to examples of digital lessons that you might want to emulate for digital learning content you create.

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Introduction to Health Science and Medical Technology

Sasha Kirkman, Consultant

Alameda County Office of Education

 Learn about a career centered CTE course for health science and medical technology where students are taught about the profession from technical vocabulary to understand the experience of a patient. 

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Get Focused,
Stay Focused

Skyler Barton, Counselor

Berkeley City College

This model is a classroom-based, comprehensive guidance program designed to Increase high school and college completion AND assure successful entry into the workforce with the skills required to succeed.  Become more familiar with this college and career curriculum currently being taught to high schools students at Berkeley City College and other schools throughout the R4 network.

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