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Virtual Industry Chat: Discovery of a New Genetic Disease

Register for this industry chat and bring in industry partners to your classroom- virtually!

Please note that the presentation begins early at 8am Central Time, which is 6am Pacific Standard Time.  If you register for this chat, the presentation does get recorded and is offered for playback in your classroom.


Your class will go on a journey from the bedside of a sick boy to the laboratory to discover the genetic disease he suffers from. Included in the discussion: genetics, how the Human Genome Project has aided the discovery of new genetic disorders, and how researchers learn about how genetic mutations cause symptoms in patients.

Key Questions

  • What is a genetic disease?
  • How are genetic diseases inherited?
  • Why don't we already know all of the genetic diseases?
  • How do scientists study genetic diseases?

Expected Outcomes

Students will learn real-world applications of genetics and get a better understanding of how research scientists produce a hypothesis and collect data to verify or disprove the hypothesis.