Civicorps is Now Hiring!

October 7th is the last day for interviews with Civicorps.  Please have necessary documents ready and application submitted to Civicorps Dean of Students, Mr. Rod Dunn,  at prior to this due date to secure an interview slot.  Applications can also be submitted in person.  Read below for the address and more information.  

Civicorps is gearing up for their next orientation, which will be held fromOctober 10, 2016- October 21, 2016. After successfully completing orientation, students will begin their journey of reconnecting with their academics in order to achieve their goal of receiving a high school diploma.

Civicorps is committed to providing life-changing opportunities for those who are high-risk youth or undocumented youth ages 18-26 who lack a high-school diploma. Their charter school not only helps young adults graduate with their high-school diploma, but also offers paid job training, career and college counseling, and in-depth case management.  Read the Job Description for more information:

Civicorps’ paid job training program offers occupational skills training in:

  • Land management
  • Transportation
  • Recycling
  • Warehouse logistics

During paid job training, students gain industry-recognized certifications, and after graduation, can access internships that lead to jobs in these high-demand industries

If you have any students that are seeking to gain their high-school diploma, please forward them this information and the application.

All youth applicants need to bring the following documents to 101 Myrtle St. Oakland, CA 94607 in West Oakland:

  • Completed Civicorps application (download here or apply online)
  • Birth certificate
  • Social security card
  •  Immunization record
  •  A copy of their high school transcript

If applicants are missing any of the following documents mentioned above, they will be given time to produce them while attending Civicorps.

Interviews are in the process of being conducted until October 7, 2016.