Pathways Partner Interview: Tracey Burns

Each month we will be interviewing one of the leads so that you can get to know each other.  This month, we'd like to introduce you to Tracey Burns.  Tracey joined Alameda County Office of Education as the College and Career Coordinator for Student Programs and Services. 

What brought you to this work? 
I found that there has been a need for children to be able to identify, culturally, with their teachers and administrators. My cultural representation had been missing in my own educational experience and that of my children. Because of this it has been my mission and passion to provide the best avenues of success for those students who are the most marginalized in our communities.

What do you hope to accomplish through CPT 2?
It is my vision to provide culturally rich and sustainable programming that will allow easier and better transitions for the students currently being served in our court, opportunity, and continuation schools, into the adopted career and college pathways.

What kind of collaborations are you looking for?
I am really excited about the collaboration opportunities between programming through ACOE and industry partners. To get industry partners to understand the importance of training and then hiring our opportunity students, is essential to community growth and improvement.

What are your dreams and goals?
My dream is that there will be no need to have separate career and college opportunities for opportunity students. My dream is that all schools provide an equitable platform that allows all students to be served at their school sites inclusive of all necessary wraparound services needed for continued success. My ultimate dream will be no more need for court schools, community schools or continuation schools because each school will be multi-purposeful in the educating of each student.